Publications and talks:

  • How I learned Computer Vision by Playing Pool. PyData Warsaw 2018. (link to talk)
  • Kopeć, Ł, Parpart, P., Wallang, P., & Love, B.C. (2016). Less-is-more: Less information can improve clinical risk assessment judgements. In O. Kostopoulou, A. Stiggelbout, & E. Fenwick (Eds.), Society of Medical Decision Making 16th Biennial European Conference (pp. 90-91). [link ]
  • Love, B.C., Kopeć, Ł., & Guest, O. (2015). Optimism Bias in Fans and Sports Reporters. PLoS ONE, 10(9).[link ]
  • Patil, K.R., Zhu, X., Kopeć, Ł., Love, B.C. (2014). Optimal Teaching for Limited-Capacity Human Learners. In Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS). [link ]
  • Kopeć, Ł., Love, B.C. Are forgetting processes crucial to category learning? [Poster]. CogSci 2013. The 35th annual meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, Berlin, July-August 2013.